Interior design industry

Glass is a timeless material that is successfully used to arrange private and commercial interiors. It never loses its popularity and is easy to adapt to current trends, so it always remains fashionable. Elegance is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at glass doors, walls, wall panelling, table tops and furniture fronts.

Glass is also used for structures such as floors, stairs and roofs, which are breathtaking and make interiors seem to have no boundaries. Glass in interiors enchants, inspires and leaves no one indifferent to its charm.


Offer of glass products for the interior design industry

We supply glass products for furnishing shops, showrooms, offices and other commercial interiors. Glass doors and walls, most often made of toughened glass with a thickness of 8, 10 and 12 mm, are used in these buildings. Glass wall cladding made of Colorimo lacquered glass, shelves or glass shelves mounted in racks and mirrors are also frequently used. We also manufacture non-standard glass buildings according to the investor's design.

We also specialise in structural glass structures in the form of railings, glass stairs, glass floors and canopies made of toughened laminated glass.


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