Household appliances

We specialise in creating glass elements of household appliances. We use modern technology to construct safe and functional products: glass panes, shelves for refrigerators, cooker covers. All our products are distinguished by their original and modern style and shape. In the household appliances industry, we use only the best quality toughened glass, produced by our experts with the use of reliable machines.


The use of glass in the household appliances industry

Glass used in household appliances is completely safe for users, as the toughening process significantly increases the mechanical strength, plasticity, elasticity and resistance of the material. As a result, glass elements are often chosen by renowned manufacturers of household appliances Our advantage is the variety of our offer - we create flat glass, bent glass and glass painted with special ceramic paints. Our offer is tailored to individual customer needs. Depending on their expectations, we can manufacture, for example, kitchen hoods, refrigerator shelves, refrigerator finishes, glass lids, induction hobs.