Glass toughening

Glass toughening is a great way to strengthen glass and make it safer to use. Heating the glass to over 600 degrees Celsius and its subsequent rapid cooling causes the glass structure to condense, making the glass about 7 times more resistant to impact than ordinary glass. When it breaks, however, it shatters into small pieces which do not cause significant injuries. It is therefore considered to be safety glass. Mochnik Glass has four toughening furnaces, the largest one with a loading area of 2,800x6,000mm. It is also possible to make bent toughened glass with a height of 2,800 mm and a side length of 2,500 mm.


Where is toughened glass used?

Glass toughening is a process that significantly extends the range of applications of this material. Toughened glass is successfully used in the construction industry as it meets all strict safety standards.

The use of toughened glass in construction:

  • partition walls,
  • doors,
  • railings,
  • glass stairs and floors,
  • glass canopies.

These are not the only possibilities of using toughened glass. Its properties are appreciated in the furniture, lighting, household appliances and interior design industries, which makes it a material often chosen by designers and decorators.


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