Furniture industry

Glass in furniture is often used as a display case or showcase door, as a shelf or table top. It is also often used as a decoration, e.g. lacquered glass glued to a piece of furniture. One cannot forget about the useful and decorative role of the mirror.

Glass elements make the piece of furniture light, effectively display its interior, but also contribute to the atmosphere and feel of a room. They can wonderfully illuminate four walls and visually enlarge them.

Both the glass and the mirror are extremely practical because they are easy to keep clean.


Offer of glass products for the furniture industry

Our offer includes various types of glass for use in furniture. Starting from ordinary transparent glass, all the way to through dyed stained glass in brown or graphite colour and ornamental glass with a clearly perceptible surface structure. A separate group is formed by white and coloured mirrors, as well as the Colorimo collection of painted glass with glossy, matt and structured surfaces.

We have at our disposal all the available glass processing technologies, starting with cutting and cutting out complicated shapes, edge grinding and ending with surface decoration and toughening. The comprehensiveness of the offer will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

You can read more about this in the glass processing section.


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