Glass cutting

Glass cutting is the first and basic glass processing throughout the production process. The success of subsequent grinding or drilling processes depends on its proper performance. For cutting, we use glass panes with dimensions of 3210x6000 mm, which we store in a multi-rack automatic warehouse. This solution allows you to gather many types and thicknesses of glass in one place in order to flexibly respond to the needs of our customers.

We also have smaller tables that allow for quick glass cutting, which are available in smaller panes called 'split'. These include mirrors, satin glass and ornamental glass.


maszyna do cięcia szkła


Cutting glass with water

Cutting out more complex shapes or cuts with small internal radii is performed with the use of Water Jet devices. Water together with special sand applied under high pressure is able to cut out glass parts even from 19mm thick glass. Sometimes this is the only solution enabling us to obtain the effect expected by the customer. An additional advantage of 'water-cut' glass is an unsharpened edge, which does not require additional processing to toughen it.


cięcia szkła wodą