Bathroom industry

Glass is an inseparable element of every bathroom. Mirrors of various shapes and sizes usually reign supreme in this area. In addition to their functional properties, they optically enlarge and illuminate the room. But mirrors are not just a simple, straight sheet. Each mirror can be further decorated by beveling the edges, sandblasting patterns or making an engraving on its surface.

We also have the possibility to make 'glued back' mirrors, which are used as double-sided doors to bathroom cabinets.

Another glass element in the bathroom is the shower enclosure. The latest trends focus on all-glass enclosures without unnecessary frames. Most often they are made of 8 mm toughened glass. We can choose from different types of glass, ranging from regular float glass, through a wide range of ornamental glass and glass with an easy-to-clean coating The surface of the glass can be additionally decorated with a pattern made by printing with ceramic paints that are resistant to mechanical damage.

We also make glass shelves and doors for bathroom furniture, and lacquered glass cladding of furniture fronts, as well as tiles and wall panels.


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