Construction industry

Glass in the construction industry is used not only in windows and doors, but also in a number of other products or semi-finished products, such as: railings for stairs and balconies, stair treads and floors, roofs and canopies, partition walls and partitions, and cladding glass.

We offer various types of glass for construction and interior finishing with delivery to a specified address. Our advantage is a wide range of products as we manufacture glass elements in any size and shape. Our products are used in residential, commercial and industrial construction.


Offer of glass products for the construction industry

Nowadays construction glass is a safe and functional construction solution which enables better illumination of rooms and also guarantees perfect comfort of using a given space.

We specialise in glass construction structures such as:

  • glass doors and partition walls, most often made of 8, 10 and 12 mm toughened glass,
  • glass railings, stairs and glass floors and canopies, which are made of toughened laminated glass;
  • wall coverings made of Colorimo toughened glass, which successfully replace traditional tiles.


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