Toughened glass

Toughening glass significantly increases its impact resistance and makes it safe to use. Thanks to this, doors, walls or shower enclosures made of glass can be used in public places and at home.

Glass railings

Railings made of laminated glass are very popular among developers and individual customers. When installed in a profile or on poles, they emphasise the modern character of buildings.

szklana balustrada
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Glass processing

Our plant is equipped with modern technological lines, which guarantee efficient and fast production. Products made in this way are used, for example, in interior design, construction, furniture and lighting production. An extensive machine park and many years of experience.

Lacquered glass

We produce lacquered glass under the Colorimo brand, which has gained recognition among our customers and also among interior designers and architects over the past ten years. The offer includes glossy lacquered glass, matt glass and glass with ornament texture.

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UV bonding

The bonding of glass with colourless UV-cured glue is a very popular and aesthetic method of joining glass with glass, glass with metal, plastic or even wood. The connection point is invisible and its durability exceeds the mechanical strength of glass. This method can be used to glue all.

Glass engraving

A method of decorating glass which consists in creating patterns on the surface of the glass by means of grinding discs of various cross-sections. By combining various disc profiles, interesting patterns with matt or polished finishes can be created on glass or mirrors.

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Mochnik Glass Sp. z o.o. - Opole

Mochnik Glass Sp. z o.o. from Opole is a renowned distributor and processor of flat glass. The company has been operating since 1991 - for 30 years we have been closely following the changing market, investing both in human capital and modern technologies, thanks to which we constantly improve the quality of glass processing. We dedicate our offer to architecture, furniture and construction industries. We supply glass for the manufacture of furniture, kitchen appliances, lighting or doors. We make glass elements for buildings and interior architecture. We supply glass and mirrors to our wholesalers throughout Poland.

Quality, experience and passion of a close-knit team